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Anti-Friction HD


Product Description




is an oil based anti-friction treatment compatible with all types of transmission lubricants, which use the oil as a carrier to treat the metal components. When the product makes contact with metal microporous creates a 5 micron thick film giving an effective protection against wear with amazing results, including : Highly effective protection against wear, prolongs the life of your engine making running much smoother and starting easier, more MPG which can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with the appropriate fuel treatment.

Provides anti-friction by up to 90% prolonging the life of your equipment or engine. 

Reduces excess consumption, temperature and noise.

Great detergent properties, protecting against corrosion.
Compressors, screw compressors, cold storage and AC, hydraulic systems, headstocks, high revolution headstocks, centralised greasing, reducers, multipliers, gears and bearings in all applications. Gunmetal bearings.
Prolongs the life of machines, motors, pumps, etc. Improves cold start.


Suitable for all type of engines (From the run in period) 


Converters, hydraulics systems:

1 to 2% every oil change. (10 ml to 20 ml per 1 litre of oil.) 

Four stroke engines (Light vehicle):

From 3% to 5% every other oil change. (From 30ml to 50ml per 1 litre of oil.) (200ml for engines between 3,5 and 7l of engine oil capacity)

AC compressors:  

Manual gearboxes, reducers, multipliers, differentials groups, greases, power steering, headstocks,
screw compressors, gears, guides gears, bearings:

5% (50 ml per litre of oil.) 

Automatic gearboxes 2% (20ml per per litre of oil)


2 Stroke Engines.

2% (20ml per litre) each time oil is replenished.

4 Stroke Engines DRY clutch

3% (30ml per litre) every other oil change.

4 Stroke Engines WET clutch

2% (20ml per litre) every oil change.