• Pack of 3x90 ml Petrol Maintenance

Petrol Maintenance


Product Description

Petrol Maintenance 

Is an oil based product that decreases friction between components by up to 90%, and has high detergency characteristics. It will help to maintain the fuel system in optimum condition after the use of the Power Cleansing treatment.

Cleans the carbon sediments, lubricates, protecting against the corrosion of the injection system or carburetion system including combatting  Ethanol reducing fuel consumption and pollution (CO, NOx, CO2, HC and O2) which makes this product unique in its category. Improving combustion by increasing the octane level.

 High effective protection against water problems in petrol !


 After completing the powerful cleansing and to keep the fuel system properly clean and lubricated use in petrol:


Maintenance - 0,05% ( 90ml for 180l of petrol)

Lead substitute - 0,1% (90ml for 90l of petrol)

Competition / Increase engine performance - 2,5% (90ml for 37,5l of petrol)





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