"After Witnessing Paulo Faher anti friction demonstration and as an engineer for over 35 years I was keen to learn more about the Faher range. Before introducing the products to our Service and Engine building process we ran it in our own and technician´s vehicles to see what we thought. The outcome was very positive with a general consensus that mechanical noise was reduced and one of our techinician´s wives commented that the car seemed quieter.

Last year we had a classic Ferrari burst one of its main oil pipes, by the time the owner had realised something was wrong the engine oil sump was empty and the engine was still running.

We removed the sump, inspected the big end shells and there was no damage. We refilled the engine oil and to our amazement the engine ran perfectly. The Faher products saved the engine, we will never know for sure, but in my experience running engines without oil in ususlly doesn´t end well.

We use a range of Faher products in the Service and Restoration of the classic cars we look after."

 Ian Barkaway (18th May 2018)







Here at Kent Automotive Ltd we deal with prestige and performance vehicles on a daily basis, alongside being an Independent Volkswagen specialist we are very concerned about additives we put into our customers vehicles, whether it be an Aston Martin or Audi R8. We are taken along with our customers how well these products work, we have carried out various tests on the products with PTFE oil additive, we tested a vehicle running minimal oil pressure and oil starvation at the track and without this product we would have had to carry out a bottom end engine rebuild, no doubt this product saved the engine from substantial damage, these oil products do not just stop friction they can save you ££££`s and make your engine run smoother and quieter, our customer feedback regarding to these fuel products is nothing but positive with smoother running more BHP and more MPG, unlike most additives on the market giving little difference if any at all, We are proud to work alongside Faher and selling their products with nothing but 100% positive feedback from us.

 Aran (Kent Automotive, Maidstone) 

ferrari-360.jpgFerrari 360 / Lexus IS250

I have recently starting using the FAHER Products after chatting to Paulo at a car trade show I was at. I was very impressed with demonstration of the range of Faher products and on Paulo's expert knowledge on the subject. I have since used both the oil based products and the Gasoline based products on two of my cars now. 

The first was my 95,000 mile 2005 Lexus IS250. I used the petrol cleaning product and the PTFE based oil product on this. The car immediately sound quieter and ran much smoother. I also found after using both products (Oil and Petrol) that I was getting about 5 more miles per gallon from the car.

The second car I used both products on was my 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider. This has 30,000 mile on the clock so use the alternative FAHER oil based HD product in this and also the petrol cleaner. Once again the engine sound much smoother after I applied the product. It is too early to say if I get more miles per gallon out of it like my Lexus above but then of course you don't own a car like this and worry to much about how much they do to the gallon...:-)
Can completely recommend these products and the expert knowledge of Paulo in assisting with your choice of what to use. In short a great find.

Jonathan Farrow (Ash, Kent)

 autocraft-phot.jpgFAHER PRODUCTS (VARIOUS)

Autocraft Kent Ltd have been using the various FAHER  products  in its WORKSHOPS and applying to customers  vehicles for over a year now and the results in all aspects are quite frankly, extraordinary.

The fuel treatment has enabled numerous vehicles to pass the emissions test due to its fantastic ability to cleanse the  components governing the exhaust emissions. After recording  an emissions failure, we apply the powerful cleanser which  9/10 times then obtains MOT pass certificate for the vehicle.  We would also recommended application of the fuel  maintenance product to continue the cleaning and lubrication  of  the injection systems componet parts.

The PTFE product has thus cured a "notchy" 3rd gear synchro  on a high mileage Peugeot Van gearbox, has enabled a tired  Ford Fiesta engine run at 2500rpm for over an hour without  any  oil in the engine, so consequently, NIL engine oil  pressure.We have had many reports from customers of improved fuel  consumption when using the fuel and the engine additives in  unison.Now at Autocraft, every vehicle we service under the Servicesure Service regime undergoes an engine oil flush treatment and the FAHER fuel additive application.

We use the various spray applied products on a daily basis on our ramp mechanisms, vehicle door locks and hinges and to free off seized and corroded fixings.

FAHER Products have become a useful part of what we have to offer our customers.

John Podd (Autocraft, Kent)


V.P Motorcycles

We discovered FAHER at The Nostalgia Show in June 2017, we decided to stock their Premium antifriction grease spray at our business V.P. Motorcycles in Salisbury as we were so impressed with the product. We put it to test ourselves on a recent trip to Holland, one coating of spray grease on the chain was all the bike needed for the whole trip !!


Vince Prevett

ivan.jpgFAHER HD, FIG /M & FIG Maintenance + Premium Spray Lube

Hi. My name is Ivan and I have a Honda Hornet 600cc from 2008. I work as a courier and last year I did 60.000 miles on my Hornet. I could feel the engine was working too hard even taking care of it by doing oil changes every two weeks to keep it going right, but I was feeling it needed a rest, so I thought of making a change, get a newer one before my engine broke down. Then I met a friend who told me about FAHER Products, and I thought on give it a go.... why not?. Since then, my bike souns and rides like a flying Angel.... my thoughts of selling it and getting a newer one are gone. It has 148.000 miles today and we both are so happy riding 350 miles daily. We'll stick together for quite a while. 

Ivan Lopez (Newquay, Cornwall)


FAHER Chain Lube (FGRA400ml) & FAHER Chain Lube (Cycle Chain Lube 100ml)

"We use FAHER for specialist applications, when only the best and longest lasting lubrication will suffice. The Premium Antifriction Grease Spray is second to none when it comes to joints and small loaded bearings such as derailleurs and frame pivot points. More recently we have been testing dripper bottle chain lubricants, with the Faher fast becoming our favourite for everything from filthy Mountain Bike rides, to Track Bike chains where speed is everything!"

Alex (Larkfieldcycles, Kent)


1930 Singer Junior – HD Additive for Engine and Gearbox

"The FAHER Product has transformed the car; the engine and gearbox run much smoother and quieter, and the tickover is now reliable.  On the road and in competition, the car is now much easier and more comfortable to drive. Overheating in extreme conditions (the car has no water pump) has now been eliminated, presumably because friction and therefore heat generation is greatly reduced.  Faher is the only range of anti-friction additives stocked and recommended by my company, Classic Oils Ltd."

Guy Lachlan (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire)


Classic Bikes – HD Engine and Petrol Additives

"I first met Paulo at a Bike Jumble at Kempton Park in early 2015. It was obvious that he was enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about his product range and was giving comparison demonstrations of Faher products against the competition. Both myself and a colleague who was with me at the time and is a respected engineer were most impressed with the results that Faher gave, surpassing anything that the competition could offer. We were both convinced enough to buy 1 Litre bottles of FAHER Anti Friction.I have now used the product in both the engine and gearboxes of five of my Classic motor cycles with excellent results. The gear changes are smoother and the engines feel just that bit more eager. Finally, fuel consumption has shown some improvement on all the bikes tested."

 Neil Redley (Hampshire)


Aston Martin V8DBS 1972 - Various – HD/PTFE Engine and Petrol/Diesel Additives

"I am a keen collector and own a wide variety of cars some of which I have owned for over 40 years. I could list them but its not relevant. The Aston was the first to have the FAHER treatment. If I had any doubts about the benefits of Faher’s products I would not use them.I have recommended Faher to friends and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in improving the performance of their car, or motorcycle etc, I even use their friction reducer on hedge trimmers and chainsaw blades!!"

Chris Burgess (WoodChurch, Kent)


FAHER Products  HD / Petrol and Diesel treatments

"Attending a demonstration of Faher products, we were impressed at the results and added Petrol – Power Cleasing Pre MOT antifriction to our 1929 Austin 16/6 Burham saloon over the summer. It cleaned the engine and fuel system through, removing residue and leaving the engine running more cleanly and smoothly. Anti-friction HD was also added to the engine and gearbox to reduce wear; helping us to make smoother changes in a non-synchromesh gearbox.We also look after a 54 reg LDV minibus for a local youth group. Often undertaking short runs, the adding of Diesel Anti-friction has cleaned up the engine and removed any smoking pollution. After adding Anti-friction HD to the engine, it’s running quieter and smoother."

Mike & Chris Bassett ( Tunbridge Wells, Kent)


FAHER Chain Lube (FGRA400ml) & Faher Chain Lube (Cycle Chain Lube 100ml)

"FAHER is the choice of lubricant at Canterbury Cycle Centre. We use it on our own bikes and in the workshop, nothing comes close!"

Tom (Canterbury Cycle Centre, Kent)